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The United States Navy Parachute Team, the Leap Frogs, is the official parachute demonstration team for the US Navy.


With the guidance from Mr. J. Woods, Safety Officer of the Navy Parachute Team, students went through the calculations needed to jump out of an airplane and land with pinpoint accuracy.

Students chose various sites around the world and used the Military Free-Fall School calculations sheet to locate where the Leap Frogs should jump from.  There were a few students who wanted to go a step further and jump with the Navy Parachute Team, but the field trip form for that would have been longer than the 12,000 foot fall itself.

As a previous colleague, Jeff Robin, used to say about Project Based Learning, "Do the project first."  

So, I went ahead and jumped out of an airplane with Mr. Woods. 

Sky Dive.png

Thank you to the Leap Frogs for all that you do.  Thank you specifically to Mr. Woods, for speaking to our school and supporting our project.  

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